About Peca

Peca Pop Surrealism Lowbrow Paintings

Peca’s art transports us to a cosmos inhabited by mystical beings who act as our guides and mentors through it’s enigmatic existential terrain. The peaceful anthropomorphic residents of Peca’s universe carry great wisdom and impart their knowledge, when we are willing to look hard enough. Peca herself, is a master at sharing her own life’s knowledge and experience. She skillfully translates the images which appear to her through her dreams and meditations, and turns them into wonderfully engaging visual narratives filled with her dream world’s native language of universal symbols. All that is left, is for us to open our minds and hearts to the magical wonder of it all. —Tim Mclean, W0WxW0W.



BRIEF BIPeca Pop Surrealism Lowbrow Paintings

Artist born in Argentina and based in Barcelona, she is painter, illustrator and stop motion movie maker. She was graduated with a Licensed degree in Visual Arts at the University of Fine Arts of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘Her creations are a door to a dreamy, and mystery universe, that you have visited before, perhaps in dreams, or astral travel. With several solo and group behind her, having worked for major publications such as Rolling Stone and with the confidence that comes from believing that bring the art of another life, Peca invites us to a magical world where fantasy repose on fields strawberries. Welcome to the spiritual version of Wonderland.’ —lamono magazine





Best Friend Group Show at Copro Gallery ,Los Angeles, USA

Suggestivism curated by Nathan Spoor at Nucleus Portland ,Or, USA

“Mother & Child” at Dorothy Circus Gallery, Roma, London

“Within the Garden of Earthly Delights’
– A tribute show to Hieronymus Bosch
/ Outre Gallery – Melbourne Australia)
“Gaia reborn” future utopia at Urban Nation Museum, curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany
Solo show at Copro Gallery, Los Angeles

“Comeundone” group show curated by Kilie Dexter at Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Moniker Art Fair, Fousion Gallery booth, London, U.K.
Suggestivism curated by Nathan Spoor at Spoke Art Gallery New York, USA
Art 3F Luxembourg at Fousion Gallery booth
Scope Art Show, Basel at Fousion Gallery booth
February 2018
Urvanity Art Fair At Fousion gallery booth, Madrid Spain

October 2017
“Chiaroscuro” solo show at Arch Enemy Art Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

“Hide & Seek” Group Show curated by Marie Larkin , at Weswal Gallery, Tamworth, Australia

September 2017
“Blood heart”curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine at Haven Gallery

July 2017
“Wild nights sweet dreams” at Fousion Gallery,  Barcelona, Spain

June 2017
‘Lightning Bolts & Little Sparks’ International Exhibition, curated by Tim Maclean of wow x wow magazine

May 2017
AAF with Fousion Gallery In London, U.K.

April 2017
5 Anniversary of Arch Enemy Art Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

March 2017
31 Laluzapalooza group show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

February 2017
Urvanity Art Fair with Fousion gallery in Madrid Spain
“LOVE SICK” group show at Revolution Gallery, New York, USA

December 2016
Best Friend Group Show at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles
“À table les licornes” group show at Akiza la Galerie, Paris, France

November 2016
“5 annual Small Wonders” at Arch Enemy Art , Philadelphia,USA

October 2016
Cologne Art Fair with Fousion Gallery Barcelona, Cologne, Germany

September 2016
Suggestivism” Resonance curated by Nathan Spoor at Spoke Art, San Francisco, USA

“The Coaster” annual group show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery , Los Angeles , USA

August 2016
Equilibrium Rites” group show at Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

July 2016
“Greetings From The Other Side at Stranger Factory,Albuquerque,USA
Lowbrow Tarot II
Alexi Era Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, USA

June 2016
“Bedtime Bunnies” at Clutter Gallery, New York, USA
“as Above so Bellow” at Arch Enemy Art, Philadelphia,USA
“Limbo show” for the 10 years of Fousion Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
May 2016
Emma“Show, curated by Hellion Gallery,
in Paris, France

April 2016
Emma“Show, curated by Hellion Gallery,
in Portland, USA
March 2016
XXX “Laluzapalooza” Annual Show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles,USA

February 2016
A road between strawberry fields & sky with diamonds” solo show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles , USA

Emma“Show,curated by Hellion Gallery,
in Tokyo, Japan

Room Art Fair” With Fousion Gallery, Madrid, Spain

October 2015
“Amore Vincit Omnia” show at Alexi Era Gallery, Illinois, USA

“Inner Landscapes II” Guzzo, Barcelona, Spain

November 2015
“SUP3RST1TIONS”show at Aktivitat Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

September 2015

“OPUS HYPNAGOGIA: Sacred Spaces of the Visionary and Vernacular”
Exhibition curated by Stephen Romano Gallery at Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York

Cologne Art Fair with Fousion Gallery Barcelona, Cologne, Germany
“Coaster Show” La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

August 2015
Digital Mirrors“Show at Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USA

July 2015 Phantastique Venus, Viechtach, Germany.

June 2015
“These Birdly Delights” – 7th Annual Bird Themed Exhibit at Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

“PLUMES, POILS, CROCS. LES ANIMAUX” Akiza La Galerie, París, France

May 2015 Stroke Art Fair Munich, Fousion Gallery. Munich, Germany.

April 2015 Storybook: curated by Michael Cuffe, Editor in Chief/Founder of Warholian at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, USA. see show

March 2015 LOTERIA SHOW and 10th ANNIVERSARY Cactus Gallery,Los Angeles, USA

March 2015 LALUZAPALOOZA 2015, 29TH ANNUAL GROUP SHOW at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Hollywood,Los Angeles, USA.


February 2015 Pinkzeppelling Gallery “FLOATING INTERSECTIONS” Group Show, Berlin, Germany.

January 2015 Stephen Romano Gallery in Metro Curates Art Fair at the Metro Pavillion in NYC “Seeing The Hidden”, New York, USA.

January 2015 “EXP؆INVA8ION”, Akiza Gallery, Paris, France.

December 2014 Stephen Romano Gallery,”Cornu Copiae”show, New York, USA

December 2014 Corretger 5, Barcelona, Spain, Let out Art, group show, Barcelona, Spain

October 2014 “In Missa interfectionis” A group exhibition spanning 400 years on the theme of The Dance of Death Stephen Romano Gallery, New York, USA

October 2014 Manila Art 2014 “ENDANGERED VISIONS” group show. An International (Pop)surreal/ visionary/ lowbrow/ fantastic/ symbolist/ outsider art exhibition, Manila, Philiphinas

October 2014 FOU TOUR GERMANY with Fousion Gallery. Group show +Feld+Haus gallery Frankfurt. Group show +Gallery box 32 Berlin. Group Show at Blooom ( ART FAIR) Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Germany

September 2014 “Frogs show” Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA

August 2014 “Secret World” show in Gristle Gallery, New York, USA

July 2014 “Hidden Kingdoms” show at Dream Factory, Frankfurt, Germany

July 2014 “Sight Beyond Sight” show at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, USA

July 2014 “The Bees Knees: 100 Postcards for Honey Bees & Honey Tasting group show” Alexi Era Gallery, Misouri, USA

June 2014 “Mysterium Cosmographicum” show at Stephen Romano Gallery, New York, USA

June 2014 “The song of the birds” show in Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA

May 2014 “Panoptic Show”, Alexi Era Gallery, Misouri, USA

April 2014 “Welcome to the Dreamtime” show in Stephen Romano Gallery, New York, USA

January 2014 “Spirits Malevolent Benevolent” Curated by STEPHEN ROMANO. Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street, New York, USA.

November 2013 “Tetrachromatic show” in Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USA

November 2013 “ZODIAC SHOW” at August Clown Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

October 2013 Fousion Gallery in Stroke Art Fair, Berlin, Germany

October 2013 “The Midnight Society show” in Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USA

May 2013 “Liminal Beings & Legendary Creatures” Gristle Gallery, NEW YORK, USA

April 2013 Solo show “Hopi dreams in strawberry fields” Fousion Gallery Barcelona See Pics Barcelona, Spain