Reflections about my art _
excerpts from an interview for wow x wow

…The art I make is my way of exploring myself, and it connects me to life. It’s how I find answers. It’s my way of consciously making sense of the continual accumulation of images that inhabit my mind, which can sometimes get out of control. Through my art I try to understand my own existence. Each character has it’s own mission and represents a specific enigma. My paintings are the materialization of the dreams within my mind which are all connected to the universal experience… For me, the Hopis and other aboriginal cultures I paint, represent wisdom and connection. They warn us and expose our ignorance. I also love the fact that the Hopis believe in the coming of space beings.
…I am big a fan of space and of the great enigma of it all. I love watching the night sky. I’ll watch a star and think, “This is something that happened millions of years ago.” I like to learn the names of constellations and planets so that I can then follow their movement, it is something that makes me very happy. It’s all such a miracle!
…My paintings are my meditation and come from my own mental space, where all is possible. The strawberry fields are part of a concept about my childhood, but not as memory, more to do with the strawberry being a symbol of the potentiality. The anthropomorphic beings are in the same search, they open all the channels of perception and are existentialists. Space, although it sometimes appears menacing is the hope. It is the magic and the unknown that will be revealed. It’s what propels me to live and feeds the need to wake up and attempt to understand the true meaning of life.